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We specialize in high-end live executive addresses, keynote speeches, shareholder meetings, panel discussions, annual reports, press conferences, product launches, corporate training, and more.

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Deliver Seamless and Polished Productions

In the age of social distancing, it’s not easy to bring far-flung members of your team together for high-stakes live events.
Sure, traditional video conferencing systems or platforms like Zoom or WebEx may be fine for weekly team meetings or one-on-one touch-base calls.
But if you’re launching an important new product, hosting meetings with multiple high-value stakeholders, or focused on closing a big sale, then having an engaging, reliable, and secure dedicated platform—and a trusted support team—is essential.
It could be the very difference between projecting success, competence, and poise, and stumbling through a frustrating, glitch-ridden embarrassment that could harm your company and brand.
That’s where our virtual production services come in. Let us help you with:
  • Virtual Corporate Board Meetings
  • Virtual Business Conferences
  • Enterprise Video Webcasting Services
  • Virtual and Hybrid Network Events
  • Remote Team Training Events
  • Virtual and Hybrid Product Launches and Press Conferences
We’ll build and implement a detailed plan, from programming through rehearsals and post-event analysis, that lets you bring hundreds – or thousands – of people into a specially-tailored virtual environment so you can:
  • Introduce the world to your company’s next big innovation
  • Teach people about how your business can help them
  • Create a friendly networking environment for your industry
  • Connect with your audience in a meaningful way
  • Gain valuable insights about customers who tune-in for your event
We can also help ensure a professional presence during small corporate team meetings, or help you bring together employees from various locations.
Whatever kind of show you need to put on, we are here from planning to postgame.
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Experienced Live Professionals for your Online and Hybrid Events

Our team is accustomed to working in high-pressure environments, where we have to be ready for every cue. On Broadway, everything needs to look perfect the moment the curtains rise.
Similarly, you want every second of your virtual event to run smoothly. We can provide:
  • Appropriately-provisioned event landing pages
  • Technology Support Packages shipped to presenters
  • Redundant internet backups to eliminate bandwidth concerns
  • Recordings & flexible content delivery networks
  • Live help support lines for your audience participating remotely
  • On-site support for your team and live attendees or presenters
  • Pre-recorded audio and video for presenters who can’t make the live event or in case a presenter gets delayed
We manage it all so you can focus on the key points you want to convey. We make sure your message gets delivered in a compelling and memorable way using multimedia. Today’s consumers and corporate decision makers expect nothing less than a seamless technology experience.
We prepare for every contingency so all you have to do is prepare your content. We can even coach your guest speakers or in-house presenters if they aren’t accustomed to virtual presentations.
From what to wear to how to deliver a compelling speech when your audience isn’t in front of you, our experts make sure you have the knowledge and tools to deliver a polished and engaging presentation.
Our sole focus is to ensure your virtual event is as engaging, inspiring, and valuable for your business as a live one would be—and where possible, even more so.

Let Us Worry About the Tech… and the Details

We manage every aspect of your virtual and hybrid corporate events, including:
Event Promotion
Landing & Event Pages
Registration & Reminders
Pre & Post-Event Communications
Streaming Platforms
Live Q&A










Audience Interactions

Reporting & Analytics

Presentation Pre-Recording & Live Event Recording
Event Planning & Management Support
From event conception to design, promotion and management to live streaming and analytics we take care of it all.

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